Coach Lincoln Hancock Smashes it at the IBJJF Asian Championships!

Coach Lincoln Hancock Smashes it at the IBJJF Asian Championships!

Huge congratulations to the Dominance MMA Thomastown General Lincoln Hancock for another outstanding performance on the road to International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Masters Championships… this time at the Asian Championships.

🥇 Heavyweight M3
🥈 Open Weight M3

Linc delivered an exceptional performance, showcasing both his guard and top game. In the heavyweight division, he secured victories with a walkover in the quarterfinals, a Canto choke in the semifinals, and a 5-0 win against the #1 seed in the final. In the Open division, he defeated the super heavy champion 8-0, won the semifinal by footlock, and faced a challenging submission loss in the final.

Though losing by submission against a world champion opponent was tough, it serves as incredible motivation. Of course in true Linc style, he has already analysed the match and come up with an improvement plan before even stepping foot off the mats. He works harder than anyone we know and we have no doubt he’ll be bringing home the gold in August!

We must also acknowledge Alex Bui for putting himself out there again on the international stage and gaining valuable experience. While the result wasn’t what we aimed for, the competition reps are invaluable, and we continue to build toward showcasing your true potential 📈

A big thank you to everyone who supported these guys on the day and everyone who sent messages, posts, and cheered from back home 🙏🏻

56 days to go until World Masters ⚔️


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