Dominance HQ Mid-Year Grading!

Dominance HQ Mid-Year Grading!

Jiu jitsu is difficult. Very difficult. It continually challenges us physically, mentally, and emotionally. But no matter your age, size, gender, or profession, jiu jitsu is for everybody. It simply requires dedication, focus, and consistency.

This grading was a testament to that.

Neil, Greg, and Chris are 66, 57, and 51 years old, respectively. These guys all started jiu jitsu later in life and are now legit brown belts. They are some of the fittest, healthiest, and most legendary people you could meet, and they are beasts on the mat.

Daganda has been training in the kids’ program since she was 5, and now at 14, trains with the adults, almost all of whom are bigger and stronger than she is. Despite this she can hold her own and is very deserving of her upgrade to Orange Belt!

Some of those who graded train jiu jitsu full-time. Some are doctors. Some are students. And some are kids. They are all good people, and beasts on the mat!

Everyone who graded has this in common: dedication, focus, consistency.

Neil McBride
Greg Klenjans
Chris Gray
Dags Arekay
Josh Doe

Luca Zoidberg
Liam Foster
Tim Sleeth

Angel Protacio
Paul Truong
Dan Cran
Matteo Jarmanio
Liam RS

Daganda Hagan

Congratulations to all those who received belts and stripes. We are proud of everyone, and you should be proud of yourselves.
Jiu jitsu does not get easier; we just get better at it. Keep working hard and pushing to the next level.
Thank you to all the coaches. Their passion for physical and technical improvement is infectious and a key part of why this team consistently excels.

See you all on the mat to get some sweat on those new belts!


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