Dominance Bentleigh: Adults Grading

Dominance Bentleigh: Adults Grading

Congratulations to the Dominance Bentleigh Team! Here is a message from Head Coach, Murray Ballenden. 


Congratulations to all that graded, and on the progress team! It’s very rewarding to see the collective level on the mat growing all the time. A special mention to Joey Sokol, who graded to his Orange Belt. At the ripe age of 14 years old, he often leaves us adults scratching our heads wondering where we went wrong 😉

It’s easy to forget that we have a very young mat developmentally. We have a lot of beginner members on the mat who, as a team, we are helping bootstrap and improve, and a good number of the crew reaching that important period in BJJ where you’ve put in the work to make the approach to your first coloured belt. Hungry to learn and improve, it’s a great stage to be in!

Look forward to seeing the growth toward the end of the year and the injection of some new colour come December!’


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