Mid-year Grading!

Mid-year Grading!

Mid Year Grading was a huge day for The Dominance MMA team.

Congratulations to the following members on their belt promotions:

Kirren Robson-Garth – Black Belt 2nd Degree
Ron Romero – Black Belt
Sam Mccarthy – Black Belt
Angus Tonkin – Brown Belt
Ivan Donlic – Brown Belt
Lachlan Dart – Brown Belt
George – Purple Belt
David Du – Purple Belt
Michael Hammond – Blue Belt
Ewan McDonald – Blue Belt
Max Robson-Garth – Yellow/white Belt

We’re witnessing tremendous growth within our team in no small part due to the consistent dedication of all of our members. Keep up the hard work and support for one another. See you all on the mat!

PS. Our next grading is on December 16th.


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