Pan Pacs 2023

Pan Pacs 2023

Three days of non-stop action and the Dominance MMA team fought with so much heart and performed incredibly.

So many fantastic individual performances, outstanding sportsmanship and a camaraderie that speaks to the culture we work hard everyday to build in the gym.

Despite our smaller team the squad posted some epic results from the weekend.

🥇 1st Place Team – Novice (white belts)
🥇 1st Place Team – Masters (30+)
🥈 2nd Place Team – No Gi
🥉 3rd Place Team – Kids

While we value competition as a means of improving ourselves and our art, it is the whole team (not just the competitors), the coaches, and staff who as a whole make it happen. We succeed together.

Big thanks to our coaches who work tirelessly Dave Hart, Lincoln Hancock Murray Ballenden and all the team who represented and came along to cheer our competitors on.

While this closes out the major events on the 2023 competition calendar it does not slow us down. We are already back in the gym, helping each other improve and striving to be better.


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