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Dominance MMA Abbotsford is conveniently located 3km east of the Melbourne CBD on Harper Street in Abbotsford. Since opening our doors in 2002, we have provided the highest standard of coaching that Australia has to offer.

With rail and tram access on our doorstep and boasting brand new state of the art facilities – including over 650m2 of training mats, an MMA cage, raised Muay Thai ring, bag racks, strength and conditioning area, lounge, cafe and shower and change room facilities, Dominance MMA Abbotsford is one of Australia’s largest and most respected MMA facilities.

We offer recreational and professional training programs in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Freestyle Wrestling and MMA, with morning, lunch and evening classes 6 days a week. More Details


MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai & Self Defence Classes Richmond

Fear is something that impacts most of us, to some extent, on a daily basis. It can hold us back, influence the way we make decisions and sometimes even prevent us from trying things we are drawn to.

A prime example of this is martial arts. So many people never take the first step toward signing up for MMA classes in Richmond because they are worried they will have to fight, that they aren’t fit enough, or that they won’t feel welcomed. The good news is that if any of this sounds familiar then you’ve come to the right place.

MMA Training in Richmond for All Levels

Here at Dominance, we have decades of experience at providing a safe and high-level training environment to MMA students from all over Melbourne. Since opening our first gym in 2002 we have welcomed thousands of students with a passion for learning combat sports, regardless of their background, age, skill or fitness levels. Most people don’t realise that training martial arts is a transformative experience that allows you to achieve your fitness and conditioning goals, while building a sense of community and purpose. Our members are empowered as they learn to defend themselves, gain confidence and get fit.

While we have a large competition team of men and women who are representing at a national and international level, we are also incredibly proud of providing an inclusive space for recreational students to gain a sense of purpose and identity.

MMA Training Misconceptions

Perhaps some preformed notions about the experience of training are getting in the way of you taking the first step and making a booking to trial a Jiu-Jitsu class in Richmond at Dominance MMA.

One of the most common fears that people have stems from watching MMA on the UFC and seeing injuries or blood, and worrying that this is what training will be like. While injuries can happen in competitive arenas, the reality is that everyday training is designed to provide a safe, supportive place for you to build your knowledge and skills, without having to engage with the kind of intensity and contact you would see in an MMA fight.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to get started in martial arts as it is a grappling/wrestling based discipline with no striking involved.

At Dominance, we have had plenty of BJJ students at our Richmond gym overcome their fears by jumping in for a free trial class. Experiencing our classes first hand is a great way to recognise the importance of attending an MMA gym with a positive culture, one that encourages intelligent and technical training, rather than an open sparring session. We are a vibrant community full of people determined to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others, through physical training, self-reflection and contribution.

Both our BJJ and Muay Thai classes at our Richmond gym are open to women and men. Although historically male dominated, the number of women training martial arts has increased dramatically in recent years. The women’s team at Dominance MMA is one of the largest in the country and growing rapidly. We proudly aim to create an inclusive training space where everyone feels safe and welcome.

A Multitude of Benefits Await

If money is a factor that is holding you back, then it is worthwhile thinking about the long-term benefits that you will gain from joining the Dominance MMA team. Becoming part of our community provides not only exercise but a great social outlet as well. Your team mates become your friends and training becomes a great alternative to a night out. Being surrounded by people who are making positive lifestyle choices around health, food and alcohol encourages you to make these changes in your own life. You not only get access to a physical space, like in a weights gym, but also coaches and teammates who can accelerate your learning and help you get fitter faster. It’s a win-win.

So, if you are looking for self-defence classes in Richmond we encourage you to book your free trial class with us and let us show you what you are capable of.

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Sign up for your free trial and experience the training and culture at Dominance MMA first hand. Get to know the team and see what BJJ or Muay Thai is all about.