Women’s Self Defence Classes & Training In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some of the best gyms for women’s self defence training in Australia and they’re all part of the Dominance family! For more than 17 years, Dominance has developed a range of classes and martial arts training designed to assist every woman with getting fit and healthy and learning to defend themselves.

With world-class facilities at our gyms, we promote a culture of acceptance and growth, helping women improve their health and learn valuable skills in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Why Women Should Take Up Self Defence Training

Women’s self defence classes in Melbourne are important. Not only do these classes offer women the ability to defend themselves, but knowing how to fight back changes the way you think and gives you greater confidence in life. At Dominance, we have a team of male and female self-defence experts who can help you improve your health, fitness and believe in yourself.

Our self defence training in Melbourne is designed to meet the needs of everybody. Whether you’re completely new to it, or you’ve been training for some time already, we can build on your skills and help you feel completely confident in yourself in every situation, from being stressed and busy at work to walking an empty street late at night. Training is a transformative process that positively impacts all aspects of our lives.

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It’s Great for Your Health Too!

Not only is women’s self-defence in Melbourne your ticket to feeling safer and more confident, but it’s an amazing way to improve your health too!

When you’re training in our classes, you will engage all the important muscle groups in your body. Training is a technical workout that include skill-based cardio, resistance and functional strength in a fun and high-energy class. You’ll work hard and build your muscles, so your body is more toned and defined, as well as burning a huge amount of calories. Training with us is a great way to lose excess fat and build lean muscle.

While you’re improving your physical health, you’ll also be working on your mental health and mindset. At Dominance, we believe mental resilience and confidence is just as important as the physical outcomes of training and we ensure our self defence classes in Melbourne help to support your mental health too.

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Our classes cater to recreational and professional students with a variety of training goals, whether it is to meet new people, learn self defence skills, prepare for competition or simply to be active and have fun. Our emphasis is on creating a positive learning environment in which everyone can leave the mat happy, fit, connected, informed and inspired.

When you join Dominance MMA, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and instantly feel the warmth and camaraderie of our community. You’ll make new friends and form a lasting relationship with your coaches and mentors, for a truly enriching and life changing training experience unlike anything else you have tried! 

With in depth and comprehensive coaching, you will receive the guidance you need to keep improving throughout your journey, whatever your goals.

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Arrange a Visit and See What We’re About!

Want to see what we’re all about? We’re sure that the moment you see our team in action, you’ll want to be a part of it! We’re happy to welcome you into our community, show you our gym facilities and to get you involved in a class as part of our free trial. You can claim your free trial by clicking the “Free Trial” button on the homepage, or you can come by the gym and speak to us in person.

We aim to give every woman the chance to develop a program around her needs. That means you can join whatever classes you have the time for and get involved with other gym activities such as gradings or competitions if you feel like it. Our goal is to make you comfortable and happy and to ultimately improve your life and build confidence.

Come to one of our gyms in Melbourne, in Bentleigh, Thomastown or Abbotsford, and see what we’re all about!

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Andre Galvao Seminar

Dominance is proud to host Andre Galvao for his only Melbourne seminar. Andre is one of the most decorated competitors of our time, and Head Coach of the most successful competition team in the world, Atos Jiu-Jitsu.

Kids & Teens Round Robin

Less than two weeks until the Dominance Kids & Teens Round Robin BJJ Competition March 16.All of our events last year sold out in advance, so make sure don't leave it until the last minute!Return competitors, don't forget to check your email for the discount entry code.

That face says it all!!

That face says it all!! Dominance MMA Richmond fighter Van SmileAssassin H-Phan is the newest WBC State Champion after an outstanding performance on Rebellion Muaythai 21 // Roots 10: Sun Is Shining last Saturday, fighting alongside his team mates Ryan Sebastian Shepherd, Carter Lawrance and Riccardo Viaggia Tore.

Gui Mendes Seminar

Gui is coming to Dominance MMA Richmond this Thursday for his only Melbourne seminar. Don't miss the opportunity to train with a multiple time World Champion and Head Coach to the most successful competition team in the world, AOJ.


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