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Dominance MMA Bentleigh opened its doors in 2019 and is the premiere destination for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai in Melbourne’s South East.

With over 16 years of experience running MMA gyms in Melbourne, you can expect the same world class facilities, coaches, competitors and community of our headquarters in Richmond, conveniently located closer to home. 

Situated on North Rd opposite Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, with rail and bus access nearby and plenty of street parking available, Dominance MMA Bentleigh boasts brand new state of the art facilities – including 220m2 of training mats, bag racks, shower and change room facilities and a viewing area. 

We offer Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai classes for both recreational and competitive students aged 14 and up, as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for kids ages 5-13. As part of your membership you also have access to supplementary cross-training and professional MMA classes at our sister gyms in Thomastown and Richmond.

Our extensive timetable includes 20 classes running 6 days a week. More Details


MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai & Self Defence Classes Bentleigh

Have you tried everything to get fit? Every fad diet, every home exercise program, and every app?

There are better ways! Getting healthy requires a lifestyle shift and there’s no better way to create that shift than getting involved with martial arts at a gym that offers a wide variety of training styles. Training is not just about fighting, but instead, about training your body to be the best it can be. BJJ in Bentleigh is a way for you to change the shape of your body, improve your endurance, fitness and conditioning and find a sense of purpose so you can enjoy a happier, healthier life.

It’s More Than Just Fighting

With more than 17 years serving the people of Melbourne, Dominance MMA is the ultimate place to train your body and mind and learn a new practical skill set. Our team specialises in Muay Thai kickboxing, self-defence and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Bentleigh.

We go beyond traditional self-defence classes in Bentleigh, helping you improve your mental resilience and feel safer and more empowered every day. While other gyms focus specifically on the sport and competitions, we aim to support people from all backgrounds and skill levels achieve their goals . You’ll experience an atmosphere of encouragement and self-improvement the moment you set foot in our gym. Our incredible team are responsible for the vibrant and empowering culture we have had here for many years.

Classes for Everybody, with World Class Facilities

Our classes are diverse and designed to suit everyone’s schedules. We offer a massive timetable across our three locations and a range of styles. Free supplementary cross training is available at our other gyms in Melbourne, allowing you to choose a schedule that fits in with your work and personal life. Young or old, we cater to your level and ensure you can take advantage of our world-class facilities.

Whether you’re looking to learn BJJ, self-defence, or Muay Thai kickboxing in Bentleigh, we have the equipment, the space and the expertise required to help you reach your goals, whether you want to train recreationally or fight professionally. If you want to take it slow, our team can help you move at a pace you’re comfortable with. Whoever you are, we’re here to help!

Join the team

Unlike other gyms, when people join our club, they stay. We don’t have a high turnover rate because we don’t focus only on competitions and results. We’re concerned with creating a positive culture and welcoming community and helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Find out more about our club by checking out our website and if you’d like to see the team in action, you’re always welcome to come by the gym and watch one of our classes, or join in yourself! We offer a free trial class, where you can experience training first hand. Our trial class gives you a chance to see what martial arts is all about and meet the team. Your coach will give you personalised guidance and our friendly receptionists – who all train as well – will help you figure out a great training schedule. Our trial class comes with no obligations and it’s up to you if you want to come back.

Book your free trial today by clicking the “Free Trial” button on our homepage or reach out over the phone or email. Our team is always happy to help!
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Sign up for your free trial and experience the training and culture at Dominance MMA first hand. Get to know the team and see what BJJ or Muay Thai is all about.