Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle Wrestling is an Olympic Sport and one of the foundational skill sets for MMA. It is a dynamic and acrobatic discipline that involves gaining control over a standing opponent by taking them down to the ground using various throws, locks, leg trips, and clinching techniques, and learning to defend the same. 

It is great for developing strength and agility as well as an understanding of leverage and balance and has applications in self defence, BJJ and MMA. 

Freestyle Wrestling classes start with an intensive warm-up, involving a variety of basic movements and pummeling, strength and conditioning, gymnastic drills and neck exercises designed to build base strength and movement patterns in preparation for drilling and rounds.

Drilling of techniques, situational sparring and live rounds play an important part in wrestling training and classes will focus on both offensive and defensive skill development. It is an intense, and intensely rewarding class that will help you build confidence on your feet in any situation. 

Whether you are looking to train Freestyle Wrestling as its own discipline, to build your take down game for competitive BJJ, or to level up your skill set for MMA, Dominance MMA’s highly experienced coaches and team have the knowledge and resources to help you reach your goals.


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