Dominance MMA Bentleigh Grading!

Dominance MMA Bentleigh Grading!

Every few months we come together to celebrate the team’s remarkable progress, dedication, resilience and commitment to excellence, through the presentation of stripes and belts at our gradings.

This month’s grading at Dominance MMA Bentleigh was a special one. Coach Muzz had the pleasure of promoting his wife, Charmaine to Purple Belt. In his heartfelt words on the day, Murray described her as the CEO of their family, emphasising how much is achieved as a result of her guidance, input, and unwavering support. We are profoundly grateful for her contributions to Dominance MMA Bentleigh, and it was truly an honour to acknowledge her dedication and growth in Jiu Jitsu. Congratulations, Charmaine!

We also extend our congratulations to Amarili, a relatively new addition to the adult classes, who, as one of the juniors, has shown exceptional progress in acquiring and applying his skills. Well done on attaining the Grey Black Belt.

Whether you grade or not, our collective objective remains unchanged. We return to the training mat repeatedly because we derive joy from the process, the burning desire to improve, and the challenge of mastering something demanding. Let us keep this pursuit of self-improvement as our guiding principle, with grades serving merely as recognition of sustained dedication and effort over time.

We are anticipating with excitement what the remainder of the year holds for our team!


Photos thanks to Luke G Williams for the incredible photos!

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