BOA Super 8: 6th Edition Wrap

BOA Super 8: 6th Edition Wrap

@boasuper8 : 6th Edition – An amazing event, and an awesome weekend for our team.

@adele.fornarino won her match by a significant points margin against an incredibly tough competitor, hitting some epic takedowns and reversals in one of the most action-packed fights of the night. She’s already taken part in two comps since, and has been absolutely smashing it 🥇🥇

@joehem79 lost a tight battle by just one penalty. He gave it everything and was pushing the whole time, but despite the solid performance, his opponent came out on top. It was amazing to see him out there for his pro debut and we know he will be coming back for more!

@lincbjj made it straight to his closed guard and was attacking the whole time, always working towards the submission against one of Australia’s most seasoned black belt competitors @thiago_lgcy . Unfortunately, in the end, it came down to an incredibly tight split decision which saw Thiago take home the win. Linc was right back to it the following day, prepping for the upcoming Nationals and World Masters 🔥

Without fail, this team always moves toward the challenges. Win, lose, or draw, they always bring it and we are always proud of them. Absolute legends 👊


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