Adele Fornarino – A Huge 2022 at Brown Belt

Adele Fornarino – A Huge 2022 at Brown Belt

What a year it was for Adele Fornarino

From representing at ADCC to taking out two major No Gi titles at the European and World Championships, Adele is making a name for herself on the international stage and elevating Australian women’s Jiu-Jitsu in the process.

2022 culminated in Adele receiving her black belt after 13 years on the mats at Dominance MMA.

A well deserved and hard earned presentation the entire team was proud to witness.

Here is a quick recap of Adele’s 2022 results:

M16 Open over 60kg bel
– Asia & Oceania ADCC trials
Boa Super 8 title
– Competed in and won on Grapple Kings and Draig Events in Wales
– Competed in the ADCC World Championship
IBJJF nogi European championships
– IBJJF Paris Open
– IBJJF nogi Worlds
– Received her black belt

We can’t wait to see what she can do in her debut black belt year in 2023.
This kid is going places!


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