Thomastown’s Latest Level-Ups

Thomastown’s Latest Level-Ups

Congratulations to everyone who graded at Thomastown’s first grading of 2022!

The mats at Dominance MMA Thomastown were packed with smiles and great rolls as we celebrated @brentdrydogtrainer and @l_i_b_b_y_______ receiving their Blue Belts and @adnyy and @hieusdat receiving their Purple Belts from Coach @lincbjj . Many of our crew were also awarded stripes on their belts, recognising the hard work and progress they have made recently.

Being graded in BJJ is an outstanding achievement, especially when that new grade is a coloured belt, as was the case for Andy, Hieu, Brent and Libby.

The belt is a recognition that the student has attained the skills and mindset required of that new rank. It is the result of diligent, intelligent training, a strong work ethic and humble coachability – all prerequisites for growth and progress in martial arts.

Each of the students who graded have a unique story filled with their own trials, tribulations and triumphs, but each are them are equally worthy of their new rank – congratulations legends!


📸 thanks to @bound_to_ramble

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